Restore them to their original shine and luster at a fraction of the cost with fast, easy Restore-A-Floor!
Renew, Restore, and Return the Shine to Dull, Damaged Floors

If your floors are dull, scuffed, and scratched, don’t replace them! Restore, renew, and revive your lifeless floors with Restore-A-Floor, the revolutionary restorer in a bottle. Restore-A-Floor seals and protects both old and new floors, giving them a brilliant clear finish. It restores luster, rejuvenates dull spots, and even fills in scratches. Best of all, it provides a durable barrier of protection against future spills, scuffmarks, and damage.

Restore-A-Floor is your answer for rejuvenating, protecting, and preserving every floor in your home. It’s perfect for all floor types, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, slate, marble, stone, tile, ceramic, cork, and terrazzo. Restore-A-Floor is also perfect for high-traffic areas, with long-lasting results in restaurants, hospitals, schools, and offices.

Concentrated Restore-A-Floor covers up to 600 square feet with just one bottle!

Restore-a-floor is wasy to use
Restore-A-Floor Cleaner is easy to use, with no rubbing or buffing. Just wipe on, and it’s dry in minutes
Restore-a-floor leaves a brilliant shine
Get a brilliant shine with no yellowing or discoloration – simply a clear, high-gloss layer of protection
Restore-a-floor creates a super-hard protective shine
Restore-A-Floor creates a super-hard protective shine, so stains, scuffs, and even crayon marks wipe off like magic